Through the eyes closed

I’m afraid we’ve had bad news about the publication of John French’s book. It’s now no longer going to be published this June.

Proper Records have not taken the decision lightly. But as this was their first foray into the world of book publishing they have now realised that a book cannot be turned around as quickly as a CD and marketed effectively in that short time. Ultimately they want to do what’s best for John and his book … but it’s still a bummer none the less!

The book’s now likely to be published next year. We’ll bring you news, of course, as soon as we hear any.

We’ve been told that a new website will be appearing with photos and extracts from the book to whet our appetites (as if they weren’t already whetted, I’ve been drooling like a rabid dog for months!) … details will appear on this blog when we get them.


  1. I’m really disappointed to have to wait longer to read this but also very encouraged that it will get the proper treatment from Proper Records. We can see from the “teasers” below that it looks beautiful, it’s good to hear it will have appropriate publicity and support too.

    Best of luck to all involved and thanks for your efforts.

  2. Cant he just find a different publisher or post on a website that you have to pay to enter and/or download, i can’t wait till next year Ahhhhhh !!!!

  3. Yeah, I’m sure John’s gonna make money if he uploads the whole thing to the internet. Leaving it open for people to download, share, pirate, whatever…

    This will be worth the wait.

  4. stupid Blurt online article…. that April Fools joke was in bad taste.

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