Beefheart Through The Eyes Of Magic in UK press

I’ve just got my copy of John French’s beautiful massive tome and have been keenly devouring it in every spare moment. It’s also had some favourable coverage in the UK press this morning.

Life Under Captain Beefheart’s Regime appears in The Times and makes the book sound as fascinating and revelatory as it appears to be from what I’ve read so far.

If you spot any other interesting reviews or articles related the book please post links to them below.

Beefheart: Through the Eyes of Magic goes on sale tomorrow.


  1. So did this actually come out as planned, every site says that it is not yet released?

  2. Although I can verify that it does exist (or doth mine eyes deceive me?) and therefore is certainly on its way, I can't yet confirm whether it was or was not released today.

    It may be that the snowy weather has caused problems here in the UK, I'll try to find out and post a follow up comment here.

  3. Is the only place that has it? I can't buy from them and has the book listed as out of print.

  4. The book was apparently reviewed in Mojo this month, though I'll be damned if I'm spending near a fiver to read it!

    According to it's released on 12th January – certainly, that's when my copy is supposed to despatch.

  5. Amazon UK doesn't have it in yet, I did not preorder but it still lists it as such, though it gives no release date. It says they will contact you when they can give an estimated date.

  6. G&S Music have had it, including signed copies, since the 7th, but for £21, including postage.

  7. I've heard people have gotten emails from Amazon UK saying that their supplier is having a delay getting stock. Guess its the same at most online shops.

  8. Shame it's not out when they said it was going to be. It was going to be my holiday reading, now it looks like it won't get here in time. Probably a good thing – won't have to pay any excess baggage now – 880 pages!

  9. A message from the publisher:

    "Beefheart: Through The Eyes Of Magic" is now available to order direct from our website. Currently available in the UK and Europe only as we have a long-standing issue with our website that prevents us from selling to the rest of the world.

    Amazon UK also has it available to order but not necessarily in stock (at the time of writing) judging by the 6 to 9 days wait for despatch. Note that other sellers are selling the book through Amazon too and some of them claim to have the book in stock and ready for immediate despatch.

  10. According to Amazon my copy was despatched yesterday, despite receiving an email the day before that saying the book wouldn't be in stock until 28th January. Oh well, hopefully it'll be here by the end of this week…

  11. Any idea when US fans can obtain it? I am looking forward to reading it.

  12. Mine arrived this morning – am just perusing it – magnificent tome.

  13. I'm not sure if I can wait for a US release. comes up with a total of $33 including shipping to the US which isn't too terribly bad.

    I just don't want this book to go the way of Lunar Notes which is now selling 2nd hand for a minimum of $59 on Amazon Marketplace.

    Do these smaller publishers let their books go out of print quicker?

  14. I ordered mine from Book Depository a few days ago and expect it next week.
    It was $25.56 US

  15. Thanks for the bookdepository recommendation. Book ordered and on the way!

  16. I put in an order too. It took about 2 weeks the last time I got a book from England to the USA. If John 'Drumbo' French has a way to get signed copies out I hope he will post it.

  17. Got the book today. Looks good! Only took 1 week to get it.

  18. What a great book! Almost halfway finished reading it (the section with all those photos). I live in the U.S. and had no trouble obtaining a copy.

  19. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!!!!!!!Every beefheart fan deserves to buy themselves a copy.

  20. I now have my copy, and am shamelessly reading it at random. I love French's description of My Human Gets Me Blues in the Track Notes:
    "…this section is like a series of small merry-go-rounds sitting on a larger one and they're all twirling at slightly different speeds and every seat is a great seat"
    This book seems to be a great book. It must be selling pretty well too, if its amazon ranking is anything to go by.

  21. while others were getting delayed with amazon I got my (signed) copy from gandsmusic super-quick with no problems at all

    Excellent stuff

  22. I'm about halfway through this book & would recommend it to anyone who's come across Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band in any way, shape or form. How anyone can have such fine recall of events 40 years in the past is beyond the likes of this mere mortal but then I wasn't in a Band situation such as John French. Reads like you'd expect a Magic Band book would read!

  23. bbc radio 2 after 9pm on Monday 8 March. Sid Griffin and Mark Radcliffe spent a good twenty minutes reviewing John French's book; and playing Veteran's Day Poppy and Diddy Wah Diddy. Great listening.

  24. i've been reading it voraciously for a week or two, and i'm about halfway through. lots and lots of pages with small print! it is a very interesting read for anyone as into DVV as i am, but i have very mixed feelings so far. i do recommend it, though.

  25. care to expand on your thoughts bill?

    mixed feelings about the quality of the book itself or the events within?


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