The Legendary A&M Sessions – discography

Track list:

  1. Diddy Wah Diddy
  2. Who Do You Think You’re Fooling
  3. Moonchild
  4. Frying Pan
  5. Here I Am I Always Am

Album overview from Graham Johnston

Originally recorded in 1965, this mini-album features the biggest, rumblingest tightest rhythm and blues tunes ever, and contains a few pleasing suggestions of what would follow.

Open Up A Case Of The Punks!

Colin B. Morton sent along the following cutting from the very first issue of Sniffin’ Glue 1976 (this has since been reprinted in a 20-issue bound coffee table edition), which gives “Diddy Wah Diddy” a big seal of approval. I’m not sure I entirely agree with the last line, though…

Captain Beefheart – “Diddy Wah Diddy” (A&M import) This is not new and it’s not easy to get, but what a brilliant performance by the Captain. He pouts, grunts and plays some mouth-harp that will get you high. This is so early it’s ancient – 1964’s the year but it doesn’t matter. Other tracks are “Frying Pan”, “Moonchild” and “Who Do You Think You’re Fooling?” It’s raw R&B that kicks in the head everything the Captain has done since.

Media appearances

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None available as yet – if you have any press reviews for this album and can scan and send them, please let me know.


1984 UK Original on A&M AMY 226

Two great photos of the early band used on the front (top of this page) and back cover. There’s a short piece written by Jeffrey Gold which simply gives a bit of history about the album and the Magic Band.

1984 US Legendary A&M Sessions 12″ EP on A&MSP 12510

Finally A&M’s Jeff Gold issued the 5 A&Mtracks on a 12″ EP – LOANED FOR PROMOTION ONLY – Not for Sale – Ownership and All Rights Reserved< IN LOGO STAMPED IN GOLD ON BACK COVER – NORMAL RECORD – CLEAR PLASTIC INNER

1986 UK Re-issue on Edsel Blimp 902

1986 UK CD Edsel Records, BLIMPCD902.

Manufactured in France. This comes with a small insert and a little postcard so that you can send away for more Demon CDs (Demon Records is the parent company to Edsel). The text of the insert is from Jeff Gold, July 1984, and is the same as on the back of the original vinyl.

1992 Japanese The Legendary A&M Sessions CD on BLIMPCD902.

CD and case are the “Manuf’d in France” standard issue but has OBI inside clingfilm wrap with packed info in Japanese, Price (2,039/2,100 Yen) and what appears to be short potted history on back. Says MSI/TOKYO. Lyric sheet inside (but SS).

1993(?) Canadian The Legendary A&M Sessions cassette on A&MCS 12510

Five tracks on both sides of a CHROMIUM DIOXIDE cassette with Manufactured and Distributed by A&M Records of Canada Ltd. Gerry Pratt was told this is one of a batch of 500 run up in ’93 but it has no date, just “©1984”.

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  1. Can’t believe that you list this as an LP when it is a 12″ EP reissue of the band’s first two singles with a bonus track added. Label claims it to be stereo but on my headphones it’s mono. And brilliant, of course.

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