Who do you think you’re fooling With these things you’re doing You’re gonna start a scandal burn that midnight candle Now who do you think you’re fooling Honey it ain’t me-oh, no! You’re as sweet as candy Just as cute as can be You don’t think I know it But you sure do show it Now who do you think you’re fooling Baby it ain’t me-no! You don’t understand girl you’re living in a mans world You thought you couldn’t stand me Now you try to brand me Now who do you think you’re fooling Honey it ain’t me Oh no it just ain’t meRead More →

Moonchild On the night she born the lightning flashed and the thunder roar But when they heard her cry The clouds rolled back and the full moon fill the sky Shinin’ down in her eye Can you hear her cry Moon child She always look so pale The things she wear and the long white veil She wrapped it up so tight Your mind come loose and you drift on out of sight She’s a child of the night Can you hear her cry Moon child ….too high (she always tries to hide?) The way she feels on the darker side She like to fallRead More →

Well you came and now you’re gone But our life it will go on I moss you so but only for your return Please come back to me tomorrow To ease this pain and sorrow please try to understand My heart is in your hand baby please don’t take our love in vain (repeat) Well here I am I always am And with you my love it will remain please try to understand Yeah my heart is in your hand Please don’t take my love in vain Well my nights are filled with sorrow For me there is no tomorrow I’d beg or I’d stealRead More →

Don’t think big man I can’t think little Won’t let that end catch me up in the middle My whole life’s been the toss of a dice Done another girl gone out of my life Out of the frying pan into the fire Anything you say they ‘s gonna call you lair Go downtown I walk around The man comes up says he’s gonna put me down You try to succeed to fulfil your need You get hit by a car the people watch you bleed Out of the frying pan into the fire Anything you say they’s gonna call you liar Watch what youRead More →

Track list: Diddy Wah Diddy Who Do You Think You’re Fooling Moonchild Frying Pan Here I Am I Always Am Album overview from Graham Johnston Originally recorded in 1965, this mini-album features the biggest, rumblingest tightest rhythm and blues tunes ever, and contains a few pleasing suggestions of what would follow. Open Up A Case Of The Punks! Colin B. Morton sent along the following cutting from the very first issue of Sniffin’ Glue 1976 (this has since been reprinted in a 20-issue bound coffee table edition), which gives “Diddy Wah Diddy” a big seal of approval. I’m not sure I entirely agree with theRead More →