The Captain’s Last Live Concert Plus


Song list:

CD 1:

1. Hair Pie Bake III- (Bass solo)
2. Hair Pie Bake III (Full Band Version)
3. Nowadays A Woman’s Gotta Hit A Man
4. I Wanna Find A Woman That’ll Hold My Big Toe
5. Hot Head
6. Ashtray Heart
7. Dirty Blue Gene
8. The Smithsonian Institute (or The Big Dig)
9. Best Batch Yet
10. Band Intro
11. Safe As Milk
12. One Red Rose That I Mean
13. Sue Egypt

CD 2:

1. Doctor Dark
2. Bat Chain Puller
3. My Human Gets Me Blues
4. Sheriff Of Hong Kong
5. Kandy Korn
6. Suction Prints
7. Big Eyed Beans From Venus

Bonus Tracks

8. Orange Claw Hammer – Rare Studio Version
9. Captain Beefheart Speaks
10. Ry Cooder talks about working with The Captain and the Magic Band

Ozit Publicity Blurb

A 2cd set recorded live in 1981 with Ten page full colour foldout cd booklet and full colour Beefheart Van Vliet disc on body print.

[I think that last bit of gibberish refers to the images on the disc labels]

Radar Station Overview

A recording of the 31 January 1981 show at the Golden Bear. This was the last ever live concert by Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band. So that is one fact Ozit actually get right.

There was a good sound quality but fairly limited bootleg of this show circulating a few years back. This had the complete show on one disc. But as usual Ozit have made their customary pointless additions to stretch it onto 2 discs – with a total running time of under 77 minutes. Why?!


The Orange Claw Hammer (rare studio version) is the one Don and Zappa did for the 1975 radio show and is not that rare. The ‘Beefheart Speaks’ track is taken from a 1973 interview with John Peel but only includes Don’s answers strung together to give an odd disjointed monolgue. And, for heaven’s sake, why is there an interview (taken from the BBC documentary) with Ry Cooder on here?

Although the recording is a good solid mono it is the usual Ozit quality – prominent hiss throughout.


The packaging is better than previous efforts, although all the pictures and text are taken from other sources with no acknowledgements or copyright statements. One chunk of text is a posting made by Rick Snyder to the Beefheart discussion list to someone who was at the 1981 show. Rick is not credited … and I suspect his permission wasn’t sought for its use either.

Ozit continue to be stocked by legitimate retailers.

Our advice … Find someone who has bothered to remove the hiss and put the show on one disc and ask them to burn a copy for you.


  • 2006 UK double CD on Ozit Morpheus Records

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