Paradiso show gets legit release


  1. Well blow me down !

    that’s good to know

  2. I was hesitant on dropping $20+ on another Beefheart “official bootleg”, but I gave in when I found it at for $15.99. Excellent sound quality! Don’s stage raps between songs are great. This is definitely the best sounding live Beefheart release second to the Rhino Handmade “Live At My Father’s Place”. Blows away the Ozit release – “Mersey Trout Liverpool ’80”.

  3. Can some one do me a tape of this? I have several bfheart bootlegs of poss interest??? happy to pay a fiver or so (hehehe); don’s birthday party in the u.s is agood one too…& i was at the york live gig too.

  4. Had this bootleg for awhile now, contains the best live versions of ashtray heart, best batch yet, dirty blue gene, bat chain puller, her eyes are a blue million miles, suction prints, sheriff of hong kong & kandy korn ive ever heard. Shame about Don’s weak hoarse vocals though. He started to go downhill vocally from 1980.

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