Don’s last show gets bootlegged


  1. Is there no way to stop OZIT releasing such crap ?
    Nobody should buy that stuff – that would stop them anyway – but i fear they make some profit out of these releases – otherwise they would not go on with it.

  2. The sad thing is that this Ozit rubbish is just diluting Beefheart’s otherwise excellent catalogue. My local record shop has more Ozit in it than the real stuff.

    I wonder how many people new to Captain Beefheart have bought one of Ozit’s shoddy rip-offs instead of a real studio album and then never bothered to hear any more.

    My suggestion: complain to the retailers who stock it.

  3. Very sad indeed!
    Let’s just hope that most Beefheart “newbies” check this EXCELLENT website and by doing so learn what to avoid and what to embrace…
    Shame on you, Ozit. The Captain, his Magic Bands and their music deserve to be treated with a LOT more respect.

  4. It is amazing that these charlatans get away with it. I have this recording and if its the same one, its an audience recording and mediocre quality at that.
    Dont buy this. Check this site out and by the best of the Captain, both in quality and material.
    Message to Ozit: Get outta here! and leave us to our memories and
    the true legacy of the Captain.
    Someone should sue ’em.

  5. Desde España:
    Ice cream for crow!!!

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