Moris Tepper

Moris met Don sometime in 1974 when he was still an art student. He was asked to join the Magic Band on guitar in 1976 and went straight into recording ‘Bat Chain Puller’ (which was eventually released in 2012). He then stayed in the band until 1982 (working with four different second guitarists) which makes him one of the longest serving (without a break) Magic Band members.

Since the demise of the Magic Band Moris Tepper has divided his time between music and painting. Apart from working in the studio and on stage with Tom Waits and Frank Black he has found time to release some albums and play live under his own name.

Check out his website where you can see some of his amazing artwork too.

Magic Band Albums


  • 1990 US Cassette Big Enough To Disappear seems to be a home produced product sold only at Tepper’s shows. Tracks include ‘Fault Line’, ‘(If You Really Want To) Hurt Someone’, ‘Big Enough To Disappear’, ’50 degrees Below’, ‘The Stain’, ‘Man Overboard’.
  • 1995 US CD Big Enough To Disappear on Candlebone Records CR0013-CD. There are twelve tracks on this CD release, four from the tape are included but ‘Fault Line’ and ’50 degrees Below’ have been omitted.
  • 2000 UK CD Big Enough To Disappear on Proper Records. The first European release for any of Moris Tepper’s solo work.
  • 2000 US CD Moth To Mouth on Candlebone Records (this is actually a home-produced CDR until Tepper gets a financial deal)
  • 2003 US CDR Head Off on Candlebone Records
  • 2008 US CD Stingray in the Heart on Candlebone Records
  • 2010 US CD A Singer Named Shotgun Throat on Candlebone Records
    A name suggested by, and credited to, Don, apparently during the recording of the album Moth to Mouth
  • 2024 US Building A Nest on Candlebone Records

Robert Williams

  • 1981 US 12″ Buy My Record on A&M SP-012401. Jeff plays lead guitar on one track.
  • 1998 US CD Date With The Devil’s Daughter on Tone Casualties XOCD9828 includes Jeff Moris Tepper on track ‘Frank and Don and Me’.

Frank Black

  • 1993 CD Frank Black on 4AD/Elektra 61467-2. Moris plays guitar on this album.
  • 1994 CD Teenager of the Year on 4AD DAD 4009. Moris plays guitar on this album too.
  • 2001 CD Dog in the Sand on What Are Records. This is a Frank Black & The Catholics album, again featuring Moris’ guitar.

Robyn Hitchcock

  • 1996 CD Moss Elixir on WEA/Warner. Moris plays guitar on this album.

Tom Waits

  • 1987 CD Frank’s Wild Years on Island ITW3. Moris plays guitar on this album.

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