Metal Man Has Hornet’s Wings


Song List

  1. Metal Man Has Hornet’s Wings
  2. Original Black Napkins
  3. Instrumental / the Story of Electricity
  4. Unconditionally Guaranteed
  5. Gone Behind The Sun
  6. Mondo Hollywood
  7. Lightning Rod Man
  8. I Think My Guitar wants To Kill Your Mama
  9. Rock Around The Clock / Sandwich Song
  10. How Could I Be Such A Fool
  11. Boogie For Berkeley
  12. Neon Meate Dream Of An Octafish
  13. King Kong

Radar Station Overview

An incorrectly titled Frank Zappa bootleg with “Story of Electricity” from the 1975 US Radio show , “Unconditionally Guaranteed” from Hyde Park ’74 (?) and “Neon Meat [sic] Dream of an Octafish” as well as “Metal Man Has Won His Wings” with pre-Beefheart Don Van Vliet on vocals.

The origin of “Unconditionally Guaranteed” is unknown, it’s certainly not Hyde Park in 1974 … whether it is the 1974 Magic Band is open to debate !

One track, Lightning Rod Man, is by a band called The Factory which included Lowell George and Elliot Ingber. For many years people thought the gruff voiced singer was Beefheart (it isn’t!).

All the other tracks are by the Mothers from 1967 to1969.


Labels, red with black writing, says “Unmitigated Audacity Records” and ©1980. Cover is shrink-wrapped plain white with inserted picture (Mothers) and information sheet.


The same album was also available under the title ‘Confidential’ with a different paper insert and a picture of Zappa taken from the Bongo Fury album cover – I’ve seen orange and pink versions of this. One label is red, the other is blue but it’s still Wizardo Records WRMB365. Some of these are in red splatter vinyl on ‘El Wizardo Discos. Made in Mexico’!. Others have ‘Made in Holland’ on the label.



  • 1976 vinyl on Wizardo Record and Movie Buys WRMB 365

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  1. I had this on cassette a long time ago, recorded by a now forgotten friend. “Lightning” stuck in my head. Also on the cassette was a session of Rod Stewart with Zappa…. I guess I’ll never hear Metal Man again nor know anymore about the Stewart session.

    1. Author

      I’m sure you’ll find a version on Youtube. I’d not heard of a Rod Stewart / Zappa collaboration! Maybe someone else can offer details on that one!

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