Live at The Golden Bear 31/1/81


Song List

  1. Bass Solo – Suction Prints
  2. Nowadays A Woman’s Gotta Hit A Man
  3. I Wanna Find Me A Woman
  4. Hot Head
  5. Ashtray Heart
  6. Dirty Blue Gene
  7. Smithsonian Institute Blues
  8. Best Batch Yet
  9. Band Intros
  10. Safe As Milk
  11. One Red Rose
  12. Sue Egypt
  13. Dr Dark
  14. Bat Chain Puller
  15. My Human Gets Me Blues
  16. Sheriff Of Hong Kong
  17. Kandy Korn
  18. Suction Prints
  19. Big Eyed Beans From Venus

Total time: 73.57


From the sleevenotes:

This FM recording was taken from The Magic Band’s ‘last ever’ concert at The Golden Bear, on Huntington Beach, California on the 31st January 1981 after a sell-out tour of Europe & the United States of America. It uniquely captures the spirit & dedication of a band of musicians playing such a diverse, complex & imaginative repertoire of songs taken from such seminal rock classics as “Safe As Milk”, “Trout Mask Replica” thru to “Shiny Beast” (Bat Chain Puller) & ” Doc At The Radar St”

This CD is dedicated to Don Van Vliet, the various members of The Magic Band & the Army of Fans thruout the world


A good quality recording of a great concert. Only small quantities of this CD were pressed.

Another Rollin Red production


  • 1999 CD no label CBCD 002

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  1. This is strange, I have a “live at the Golden Bear” in Huntington Beach recording but these are not the songs on the recording. The one I have has fantastic versions of “Click Clack”, “China Pig”, “Ode to Alex” among others. The sound is not the best and the crowd is very interactive.

    1. Author

      Dave, the show you have is from 1978. Probably the one released on vinyl as ‘Easy Teeth’

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