Golden Birdies lyrics

[alert_box type=”info”]Originally appeared on Clear Spot[/alert_box]

Those little golden birdies look at them

And the mystic Egypt tossle dangling down
Old sleeper-man shish, don’t wake him
Up one hand broom star was an obi-man
revered throughout the bone-knob land
His magic black purse slit creeped open,
Let go flocks of them

Shish sookie singabus
Snored like a red merry-go-round horse
And an acid gold bar swirled up and down,
Up and down, in back of the singabus
And the panataloon duck white goose neck quacked
webcor, webcor


Originally made available at Justin Sherill’s Home Page Replica.

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  1. The last two words of Golden Birdies are actually, “Webcor, Webcor”. Webcor was a brand name of the Webster Chicago Corporation, who made Don’s tape recorder (or was it Frank’s?)

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