A Token of My Extreme

Song List

Side One

  1. A Token Of My Extreme
  2. Stinkfoot
  3. Sleeping In A Jar
  4. Poofter’s Froth Wyoming

Side Two

  1. Debra Kadabra
  2. Florentine Pogen
  3. Why Doesn’t Someone Get Him A Pepsi (Torture)

Radar Station Overview

From the Bongo Fury tour recorded at Bridges Auditorium, Claremont College, California 11th April 1975 – second show.

A single European vinyl originally pressed in “100 numbered copies with insert”. It came in a plain white cover (ah, those were the days!!) and inferior sound quaity.

‘Torture’ was actually premiered that night.

Not to be confused with the bootleg known as ‘A Token of HIS Extreme’.


  • 198? ZX 3656 A/B

Thanks to Rollin’ Red’s Big Bad Beautiful Book of Beefheart Bootlegs for extra information.

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