Live at My Father’s Place Vol. 1 & Vol. 2


Song List

Volume 1

Side One

  1. Tropical Hot Dog Night
  2. Nowadays A Woman’s Got To Hit A Man
  3. Owed T’Alex
  4. Dropout Boogie

Side Two

  1. Harry Irene
  2. Abba Zaba
  3. Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles
  4. Old Fart At Play
  5. Well
  6. Ice Rose
  7. Moonlight On Vermont


Volume 2

Side One

  1. Floppy Boot Stomp
  2. You Know You’re A Man
  3. Bat Chain Puller

Side Two

My copy is pressed with the same tracks as side 2 of Volume 1! Can anyone confirm if copies are available with the rest of the show on side 2 of Volume 2?

Radar Station Overview

A French (well, it says ‘Made in France’) vinyl bootleg taken from the 1978 WLIR FM radio broadcast. It was released as two separate single albums.

Unfortunately this pressing must have been mastered too slow!! ‘Her Eyes…’ is a dead giveaway as it just shuffles along, and the talking between tracks makes Don sound stoned out of his brains!

The cover is a deluxe wraparound with a black and white glossy photo of Don on the front. The back reads “DON VAN FLIET & HIS MAGIC BAND LIVE AT MY FATHERS PLACE VOL 1”. Volume 1 has a white cover and Volume 2 is red. There is no other information apart from the Chameleon logo and the record numbers.



  • 198? vinyl Chameleon Records 0040 (Vol. 1) and 0041 (Vol. 2)

Thanks to Rollin’ Red’s Big Bad Beautiful Book of Beefheart Bootlegs for extra information.

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