Trout’s 50th at the Bluecoat Gallery

Don outside the Bluecoat Gallery in 1972

Liverpool’s Bluecoat Gallery continue their support of all things Beefheart with a special event to mark Trout Mask Replica’s 50th anniversary.

Beefheart biographer Mike Barnes will be leading a discussion about the album and artist Derek Tyman will be creating a scale model of the Trout House!

Bluecoat Artistic Director Bryan Biggs chairs the event, which continues Bluecoat’s relationship to Beefheart, from his first ever exhibition of paintings at the venue in 1972 to a special weekend in 2017 that explored him as a ‘total artist’ who embraced music, art, writing and performance.

The event is on Sunday 16th June 2019.

For more details and to book tickets visit the Gallery’s website:


  1. Don’t want to appear pedantic but I understand Tyman will only be ‘talking’ about building a model of the house not actually building it!

    1. Author

      Yes, you’re right. He’s ‘proposing’ to build one.

    1. Author

      That piece on the Coventry Uni. site seems to be full of content but not much detail. However, if you download the PDF (see link at top right) it does includes an additional piece of information that the venue will be Cunard Building and Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool 2019-2020

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