Radio Trout Mask – 50th Tributes

It’s good to see that some people have taken the time to acknowledge Trout Mask’s 50th anniversary. Here we have two online radio shows, both available on Mixcloud,  taking different approaches to celebrating the greatness of the band’s landmark album. Both are well worth a listen.

Firstly we have the London based Resonance FM. The host discusses the album with Beefheart biographer, Mike Barnes and the show is described as:

Freewheeling music series with Ivor Kallin. This week we celebrate fifty years since the release of Captain Beefheart’s Troutmask Replica, with special guest Mike Barnes, author of the seminal work on the good captain. Expect discussion, revelation, influences, outtakes and laser beans.

Listen to The Ambrosia Rasputin Show – 17 July 2019 (1hr 30mins)


The other show comes from the Amsterdam based Bimhuis Radio which broadcast a live concert of the Rosa Ensemble featuring Hans Dagelet who have been involved in other Beefheart tributes.

Homage to Captain Beefheart and his ever so startling double album Trout Mask Replica, which was released 50 years ago, by a phenomenal ensemble fronted by actor Hans Dagelet.

Hans Dagelet is the Captain. He growls, hisses, spits and shreds the translated lyrics. Rosa plays the boldly arranged music. Bluesrock, psychedelics and derailed punk: overwhelming music.

The music of Trout Mask Replica has been turned inside out, translated and rephrased. The Captain’s anarchist chaos has been retained but at the same time been unraveled, making it accessible to a new audience.

Hans Dagelet vocals/trumpet, John Dikeman sax, Wilbert Bulsink – piano/hammond, Jeroen Kimman guitar, Peter Jessen bass, Onno Govaert drums, Floris van Bergeijk electronics

Listen to Pork Treat Musical – 6 July 2019 (1hr 45mins)

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  1. morning, its dec 1 2019, I woke up today after being with don in a dream, we joked about the early magic band with jerry and alex,. it spooked me somewhat after I awoke that he had passed sometime around this time. all I have are memories of being with him in the 70s , and I am grateful for that, I love ya and miss ya 2 don.

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