Beefheart Weekend in Liverpool

It’s 45 years since Don’s first UK art exhibition at the Bluecoat Gallery in Liverpool and a special weekend of events has been organised to celebrate Don’s music and art as well as his influence on the city.

From 10th – 12th November 2017 the events include:

10th November –

  • The Magic Band perform at the Liverpool Philharmonic as part of their Farewell Tour

11th November –

  • Digging Beefheart: a symposium exploring Beefheart as a ‘total artist’
  • Doped in Stunned Mirages: a Poetic Celebration of Don Van Vliet
  • Fast N’ Bulbous: a Musical Celebration of Don Van Vliet – Gary Lucas and many local musicians

12th November

  • Follow the Yellow Brick Road: a walking tour of Beefheart’s Liverpool
  • Old Farts At Play – acoustic celebration of Don’s music and poetry
  • Ice Cream For Crow – exhibition from young artists using Don’s 1972 work as inspiration

For more information about these events, the venues, prices etc. please visit the Bluecoat Gallery website

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  1. I will be broadcasting panel discussions, interviews, some live Gary Lucas, plus a psychogeographical walk round Liverpool from the recent Beefheart symposium on this Sunday and next (18th, 25th Nov) or Replay the Ambrosia Rasputin Show after the broadcasts.

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