Trout Mask Replica promo pack poems

Not sure when this little collection was distributed but as it has the Straight logo and address we can presume it was as a promotion for the first release. Was it only sent out to the press, radio or who?

It’s a collection of five handwritten poems, one for each member of the band included in an envelope that carries a great typed quote from a disc jockey. Significantly Drumbo is again left out (as he was on the credits of the original release).


John French was shown these poems and he immediately recognised the writing, it’s Jeff Cotton’s who often acted as ‘scribe’ for Don.

Note: The Mascara Snake poem was amended slightly for Winged Eel Fingerling when it appeared with the others on the Spotlight Kid cover. (Thanks to Ace Farren Ford for reminding us about that.)

 Thanks to Neil How for sending these scans along to us.

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