The Spotlight Kid releases

1972 UK Original on Reprise K44162

With lyric sheet

1972 German Original on Reprise REP44162

High gloss cover.

  • White Label Trade Sample with “Unverkäufl” (not for sale) “Warenprobe ohne Wert” (sample without value) “Echantillon gratuit” (free sample in French) on centre label – with lyric sheet
  • Standard issue – with lyric sheet

1972(?) Australian Original on Reprise(?) MS 2050 by CBS Records Australia Ltd(?). (CBS MX 166199/200)

White Label Sample Record with NOT FOR SALE SAMPLE RECORD Any person offering this record for sale renders himself liable to prosecution under the Copyright Act 1912-1950 printed in violet on centre label (side 1) and on back cover. MS 2050 and CAPTAIN BEEFHEART hand written in black felt tip on centre label – standard cover has Manufactured and Distributed under Licence centre bottom on back with no company details – clear plastic inner.

1972 US Original on Reprise MS 2050

White Label Promo with PROMOTION NOT FOR SALE printed on centre label and over stamped: N.T.I. on centre label (side 2 only) – w/lyric sheet

1972 US Reel-to-Reel on Warner/Reprise.

Seven and one half inch per second Magtec tape in card box. Full colour front cover and black on white back cover stuck on box.

1977 Italian vinyl on WEA Charterline 26058

A completely different cover for this issue, but still no mention of the Magic Band on it!

2000 180gm audiophile vinyl release from Scorpio Records, catalogue number REPRISE 2050.


Spotlight Kid combined with other Beefheart albums

1975(?) South African vinyl on Reprise RRD 11703 with Clear Spot.

‘Double Dynamite. 2 Originals’ in white on the cover

1976 UK vinyl 2 Originals of Captain Beefheart on Reprise K84006

A double LP gatefold issue of Spotlight Kid and Decals. The picture used on the cover is from a 1975 photo shoot.


19XX US CD on BMI 9 26249-2? with Clear Spot

Clear Spot/Spotlight Kid double CD – very nice design.

This is the Clear Spot/Spotlight Kid CD BMI 0 26249-2

1990 German CD combination on WEA 7599-26249-2 with Clear Spot

199? Russian CD combination on Ars Nova AN-20313 with Clear Spot

Print on front cover says “Ars Nova selections 500 COPIES”

1990 USA CD combination on Reprise 26249-2 with Clear Spot

With US “long box”

1990? US on BMI 26249-2DJ (Number on disc only) with Clear Spot

Promo release with no difference from the US double CD except for the CD artwork:

Promo BMI 26249-2DJ

2014 Sun Zoom Spark : 1970 to 1972 on Rhino R2 541728

The limited edition CD and vinyl boxsets of Decals, Spotlight Kid, Clear Spot and 1972 Out-Takes. For more information –

Related Releases

1972(?) US Reel-to-Reel Radio Spots for the album’s release.

Incorrectly listed as ‘The Spotlite Kid’! A single :60 second spot on seven and one half inch per second tape.

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    Can you please confirm or debunk this with any explanation?
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