The Spotlight Kid Outtakes

Song List

  1. Drink Paint Run Run
  2. Seam Crooked Sam (version 2)
  3. Dirty Blue Gene (version 1)
  4. Sun Zoom Spark (version 3)
  5. Kiss Me My Love
  6. Funeral Hill (version 1)
  7. Harry Irene (jazzy guitar version)
  8. Open Pins
  9. Dual & Abdul
  10. Semi-Multicolored Caucasian (version 2)
  11. Balladino
  12. Clear Spot (instrumental)
  13. Circumstances
  14. I’m Gonna Booglarize You, Baby (instrumental)
  15. Low Yo Yo Stuff (instrumental)
  16. Semi-Multicolored Caucasian (version 1)
  17. Little Scratch (version 2)

Recorded at Record Plant Studios Los Angeles, CA, October / November 1971

Radar Station Overview

According to the sleeve notes¬†“… this collection finally brings together in one place the previously unreleased outtakes from Spotlight Kid …”. Indeed it does but it was done first on the fan-compiled three CD set over ten years ago – The Spotlight Kid Outtakes 1971-1972. This new CD has just duplicated the first disc from that original release.

This means it includes some of the outtakes that were included in the Sun Zoom Spark box set. I suppose if you just copy someone else it saves thinking too much and they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The original release hasn’t yet been bettered in sound quality so this Sutra CD is pretty much surplus to requirements.

It’s a great selection of outtakes but if you need them ask around and someone will let you have the three set collection for free!


  • 2020 CD Sutra SUCD 127

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