The Magic Band Tour 2015

Updated: 5 November 2015

The Magic Band are touring again during November this year. These are the confirmed venues:

4 November 2015 – The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

5 November 2015 – Band On The Wall, Manchester

7 November 2015 – The Continental, Preston

8 November 2015 – The Kazimier, Liverpool

10 November 2015 – The Greystones, Sheffield

11 November 2015 – Brudenall Social Club, Leeds

12 November 2015 – The Studio, Hartlepool

13 November 2015 – Arts Centre, Norwich

15 November 2015 – Arts Centre, Colchester

16 November 2015 – Robin 2, Wolverhampton

17 November 2015 – The Fleece, Bristol

18 November 2015 – Winter Gardens, Margate

20 November 2015 – Under The Bridge, London

21 November 2015 – West End Centre, Aldershot


New line-up for this tour

Most fans will already know that Denny Walley has quit the band to concentrate on performing Zappa’s music. He’s been replaced by Max Kutner who has been touring recently with the Grandmothers. John French has just announced that Mark Boston, although he’s recovering well from his heart surgery, will not be fit enough to take part in this tour. Rather than cancel all the dates booked the bass duties will be shared between Eric Klerks and new member, keyboardist Brian Havey.

Bringing in Brian on keyboards means the band are able to tackle some songs they’ve not been able to play before. So we can look forward to five new additions to the set list!






    1. Author

      John French, Mark Boston, Eric Klerks, Andy Niven and Alex Kutner

        1. Author

          John French has just posted on Facebook that Mark Boston will not be fit to tour following his coronary bypass. Rather than cancel the tour he will be replaced by keyboardist Brian Havey.

  1. Come on guys. Is this a wind up? Scotland?

    1. Given the size of the fanbase is Scotland and the success of previous concerts, it is disappointing that this tour is exclusively English. I would have thought that larger Scottish venues rather than none would have been the way to go.

  2. Really disappointed to learn that Denny and Mark won’t be appearing, though I understand and accept the circumstances. Nevertheless, I didn’t buy my ticket to see other guys performing this amazing music! Will refunds be available?

    1. Do NOT give the Phoenix any money you won’t get it back

  3. I am not attending the Magic Band Gig at Under The bridge, Fulham on Friday 20th November. This actually has nothing to do with my previous comments, I really can’t get there! I will be pleased to mail the ticket absolutely free to someone who can use it. That will be the first person who can use it, if they to send me their address on this site.

      1. Hi Sen. Did send an e-mail to your address (as above), but no reply received.

  4. Shit they just played the first gig here last night and I missed it, have to catch up in Sheffield or Leeds who else is going ?

    1. Author

      A very good gig it was too apparently. Five new songs performed!

  5. I saw the band at Colchester Arts Centre on Sunday 15th Nov. I have seen them five times before in London and here and have to say this was probably the best I have seen them play. Max Kutner is a perfect foil for Eric Klerks and Brian Havey adds a little extra to the bass sound (not as good as Rockette Morton on stage mind you!)and Andy Niven on drums is just class and a master of timing. Fronted by the effervescent and evergreen John French the night went so quickly it was a blur of quality, despite the pretty low turnout. I don’t know how long they can keep this going but lets have a few more tours please before retiring John.

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