Hmmm… is this the very best surviving clip of Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band? I think it could be. Copies of this amazing footage have circulated for many years amongst collectors but the quality has not been the best. Now that Reelin In The Years have gained ownership of the film they have made it available but you have to put up with their watermark throughout … it’s definitely worth it for the superior quality: Recorded on 15 January 1971 at WABX Studio, directed by Chuck Reti. (Incorrectly dated on the video). Available on the enhanced disc of Grow Fins but not in suchRead More →

Hoy hoy When Big Joan comes out Her arms are too small Her head like uh ball She tied off her horse ‘n galloped off into the moonbeams She pulled up her blouse ‘n compared her navel to the moon I dig my life for uh while When Big Joan sets up Her hands are too small She’s too fat t’ go out in the daylight So she rolls around all night I’m just sorta thread With uh drooped body I’ll set up with yuh Big Joan I’m too fat t’ go out In the daylight I’ll stay up all night I won’t droop ifRead More →