Stockhausen live in the UK

Not a lot of Beefheart in this post but I thought it worth drawing your attention to an article in The Guardian which announces that Stockhausen will be playing live at London’s Billingsgate market. You can also read the announcement at Stockhausen’s own website.

A tenuous link? OK – Don Van Vliet once said that “a lot of good music comes out of Germany, Stockhausen for example”. In his typically contradictory manner he also once said that he liked Stockhausen more than he liked Stockhausen’s music so who knows. UK residents now have a rare chance to encounter both.


  1. schtockhausen….. sehr schwer…some of the riffs are cool, if a bit stilted, but he mighta benefitted from listening to Shiny Beast if not bird parker and debussy……

  2. Stockhausen, rather like Beefheart I guess, has suffered from the attentions of well-meaning academics who make his music sound far more difficult than it really is. If you listen to the man himself talk about his music, it all becomes clear. If you listen to the music itself, even better! I remember him coming to the UK in the late ’80s for a performance of “Sternklang” in Birmingham. It was an outdoor event that went on all evening, and it was wonderful. He’s one of the very few guys of the past half century who really does merit the term “genius”, so this is a must see gig for me.

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