Special Beefheart Night on Dutch radio

Dutch radio presenter and Beefheart fan, Co de Kloet, will be hosting a special Beefheart Night on 17 November 2013.

co_de_kloetYou don’t have to be in the Netherlands to listen to it as it can be heard online in his show CoLivewww.radio6.nl/colive/ – from 20.30 till 2300 hrs.

The Beefheart Night show will include:

1. the full “World of Captain Beefheart” show performed on 17 February at Amsterdam’s Paradiso by Gary Lucas with the Metropole Orchestra and special guest, Nona Hendryx

2. an interview with Gary Lucas

3. excerpts of “I Have a Cat” – a phone interview Co did with Don to which Gary has added some impressionistic guitar

4. some regular Beefheart released stuff

5. snippets of interviews Co did with Don

Sounds like it’s going to be some show

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