Rockette Morton back in the recording studio

We received a mail from Michael Traylor about a new project which involves Mark Boston. Here it is:

[wp_quote]Just a note to let you know that Rockette and I have been working on a studio CD with a blues artist name Roger “Hurricane” Wilson….the CD should be released some time in early summer..

Rockette played bass and I played drums and am producing the project…one notable point is that we are doing a new arrangement of Sure Nuff and Yes I Do…there is some fun material such as a version of Exodus originally recorded by the Ventures…stay tuned for updates and links to the CD when available….This is the second CD I have produced for Roger…the first, released in November 2006, is getting airplay on many independent and internet music stations in the US and including the UK and New Zealand…It is called “The Way I Am”…this CD is more acoustic where as the next will be electric…I really enjoy working with Mark and we are planning some possible concerts later in the year to debut the new CD in and around the South East United States….check out my new MySpace site and my new updated swampmonk site is almost complete with new pictures and info on upcoming projects….[/wp_quote]

I’m especially interested to note at Michael’s MySpace blog that one of his upcoming projects involves slide guitarist Jimmy Ågren, who many visitors here will remember contributing to the Swedish Captain Beefheart Tribute CD which also featured Freddie Wadling on vocals.

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  1. Rockette Morton and bret short are working on a new instrumental Cd that is proving to be a really cool musical merger. Along with Rockette’s Captain Beefheart swampy blues influence. combined with Bret Shorts Jazz blues country fusion makes for a very unique sound like you have never heard So stay tuned we project to be finished in a couple of weeks.
    A couple of previews can be heard at “Thump the monkey and a swing sandard of secret love. Let us know what you think. Peace

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