Drumbo and Rockette recording new material

I recently received a message from John Drumbo French to update me on progress with his new recordings:

So here Rockette and I are at Proper Record’s wonderful new studio recording my new CD “City of Refuge” which is basically a Magic Band influenced compilation of music I’ve put together over the last year and a half.

I’m listening to Rockette put a bass line on a song called “Maybe That’ll Teach Ya” which is based loosely on a jam that was done by Don, Doug Moon, and myself. I used the Moon riff and Don’s line “Maybe That’ll Teach Ya” and wrote a whole song around it about the futility of revenge. It’s a more bluesy kind of simple piece.

I don’t think Mark or I have ever sounded better together. This has been a lot of fun and I’m sure that Beefheart fans will be pleased as this will fill a particular need for new fresh material in the style of the Magic Band. I started getting these ideas about six months into the project, I suppose, as a result of the complete saturation I was undergoing to achieve a reasonable MB sound.

So, just thought I’d update you.

Gotta go, John French


  1. Happy New Year got a new meaning!
    That´s great! I´ll by it!

  2. So was the jam session with Doug, Don et al, that inspired the song actually recorded or is played by memory?

  3. is this gonna be good though?..we’ve all heard ‘the spiders from mars” and of course “altar bridge” (hahah)

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