Rockette Morton Art – Noodles and Doodles

Since his heart surgery Mark Boston aka Rockette Morton, bassist extraordinaire for the Magic Band, has had to take things a bit easier so he has taken up creating art. His elaborate, swirling images of aliens, tubes and streamers are vibrant as well as full of colour and humour. These pieces are for sale. See below for more details.

Photo by Jan Podsiadly

The Radar Station asked Mark a few questions to get the background on his move from musician to artist:

Radar Station: Firstly, I think all your fans would like to know how your are healthwise these days.
Rockette Morton:  The heart surgery was a success but it took some wind out of my sails as far as traveling and touring.  I miss it especially touring in UK.
RS: How long have you been creating these pieces of art?
RM: I have always doodled. On tour I was known for my placemat art. I’d purposely drop food on a paper placemat in a restaurant, wipe it off and doodle around the splotches!
While we were recording Trout Mask Replica at the Trout house I would doodle all the time. Don called it “My Noodles and Doodles” and that is perfect name for my current artwork.
After I was recovering from heart surgery, a nurse gave me a coloring book page to color. That inspired me to start drawing my own images.
RS: What medium do you use?
RM: I use sketch pads that are about 9” x 12” you can buy at art supplies store. I draw with gel pens and permanent markers.  I am now working on larger format sketch paper.
RS: Do you have an idea of the overall finished piece before you start or does it evolve as you go along?
RM: I never know what I am going to do. I just start making lines on the paper and it evolves as I go.
RS: What are your inspirations?
RM: Eyeballs and farts.
RS: What is your method – do set aside a certain part of the day to create these pieces or do create as and when the inspiration strikes you?
RM: Wherever you go there you are.


Some examples of Rockette Morton Art

Alien Cluster | 2017 Gel pens and permanent marker on paper 9” x 12”
Fred the Fume | 2017 Gel pens and permanent marker on paper 81/2” x 11”
I’m Nervous Tonight | 2017 Gel pens and permanent marker on paper 9” x 12”
Self Aware Thought | 2017 Gel pens and permanent marker on paper 81/2” x 11”

All the above are available to buy (at the time of writing).

The cost for each piece is $100 + shipping
(please note that unfortunately the cost of shipping outside the US will be $65 – $75)

If you are interested in buying any of Rockette’s art please email or check out his Facebook page Rockette Morton Art

Mark also has one special piece of art that he is looking to sell. It is a painting by Don Van Vliet created in 1969 just after the recording of Trout Mask Replica. As Mark recalls:

Don had encouraged me to date his ex-girlfriend. This drawing was what he thought our child would look like.

This stunning early work by Don is about 12 inches by 18 inches (30cm X 45cm) a pastel on paper drawing dedicated to Mark and dated 1971.

If you are interested in buying this piece which has been appraised by the Michael Werner Gallery please email Serious enquiries only!

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