Refried Big Eyed Beans

Big Eyed Beans From Venus, that bunch of Beefheart botherers from Athens GA, have announced another two dates for their ongoing assault on the auditory senses of that city. They play the 40 Watt in Athens this Wednesday, the 14th, and play there again on October 8th when they open for the Circulatory System (friend of theirs from Olivia Tremor Control).

There are still audio links to their Beefheart covers at MySpace. But when will they get out of Athens and start touring?


  1. Take a listen, pretty good covers, having some fun with the material and a strong vocal too!

  2. Hey guys!! Yeah, my friend Derek (who also appeared on some of the Cowboy Chips Beefheart covers for those with that long of a memory) knows these guys and says they’re great! (and he’s NOT a Beefheart or Zappa fan) I certainly would love to meet them & hear them!

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