Paracusia: Of Sounds & Visions – Berlin Exhibition

Don is included as part of a group exhibition at the Kewenig Galerie, Bruderstrasse 10, Berlin from 9 September 2022 to 29 October 2022 curated by David Dorrell.

This exhibition is described as:

A survey of the interface between the worlds of the aural and the visual is presented by KEWENIG with ‘Paracusia: Of Sounds & Visions’, mapped through works from artists as diverse in approach as Helen Chadwick, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Kimsooja, Haroon Mirza, Chris Newman, Camille Norment, Sean Scully, Jeremy Shaw, Liliane Tomasko, Naama Tsabar, Don Van Vliet, and Marcelo Viquez. Paracusia seeks to trace the kaleidoscopic steps of this existential tango between two most ardent siblings, wherein, as Walter Pater famously observed, “all art constantly aspires toward the condition of music”

Sounds like Don should fit right into this exhibition. No information available as to to which or how many of his works are included.

Visit the Kewenig website –

Thanks to DCals for the heads up.


  1. Dear CBRS, FYI the work in the show is Cat’s Got His Tail. There seems to be a typo somewhere in the system as my name is David Dorrell – 2xR’s and 2xL’s :)

    Kind regards,


    1. Author

      Apologies for the typo, David. Now corrected. Thanks for the info about the DVV work in the exhibition.

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