Valley of Gold: Southern California and the Phantasmagoric

Whilst the Michael Werner Gallery has an exhibition devoted to Don’s paintings another of his works is also on display as part of a group exhibition.

This exhibition is called “Valley of Gold: Southern California and the Phantasmagoric” and includes work by Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp. According to the publicity from the gallery:

Valley of Gold explores the aesthetic legacy of the European surrealists and others who worked with similar sensibilities on the art of Southern California. Examining the influence of this charged period, the exhibition traces how its effects percolated through later movements such as California abstraction, conceptual art, and Light and Space.

Venue: Kasmin Gallery, 297 Tenth Avenue, New York

Date: 5th March to 11th April 2020

The exhibition features only one of Don’s works – Bad Vuggum (1990). It is available for sale.

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