Messin’ with the Kid

Messin With The Kid - Benjamin Horrendous

I have great respect for anyone who attempts to cover any of Beefheart’s songs.

So what do you say when someone decides to cover a whole Beefheart album!

Well, that’s just what Benjamin Horrendous has done. Singlehandedly, he’s (in his own words) ‘messed’ with each song from The Spotlight Kid to come up with his own vision of this great album.

Find out more about it at Benjamin’s site.


  1. Best Beefheart covers of all time. Don't pass it by.

  2. I've been blessed with the friendship of Ben for over 10 years now through the Fireparty discussion group (back when I was a member! I need to sign back up!)…and although we've never met in person (I live across the "big pond" from him) he remains one of my dearest friends. During that time, Ben has blessed me with many of his CD's….some of himself and some with others. And I still cherish and listen to them quite frequently. He is a very talented musician & singer. I look forward to hearing his new CD and I suggest that you all check it out! Even without hearing it yet, I can almost promise that you won't be disappointed!

  3. I remember my first magic band gig at the hammersmith apollo in London. Didn't see a soul on the train there who I had doon for an evening of Beefy magic, walked in to the venue ridiculously early whereupon i spied a tall slender gent with a zip fastened firmly to the cranium ready to reveal his magic muscle. I knew I was in good company. I believe this was a certain Mr Horrendus. Can't wait to give this a listen!

  4. An excellent blues album that breathes into the songs. Really enjoyed it. Many thanks Ben.

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