Knebworth 75 memorabilia

In his memoirs, the concert promoter Freddy Bannister tells his version of why Captain Beefheart formed a new Magic Band just to play Knebworth Festival in 1975. According to Bannister, Beefheart’s manager Herb Cohen was so impressed by the $15,000 fee offered for the performance that he replied, “We’ll put a band together even if it means my mother will have to play.”

Be that as it may, the latest Knebworth memorabilia to be offered for sale by the Bannister family is a reproduction 1975 stagecrew tee shirt. “We weren’t very ‘merchandise’ oriented in those days and didn’t have any T shirts to sell to the general public, but just gave these to everyone working backstage as quick check for the security staff.”

£12.45 plus postage is the price, and if you order this month you’ll receive a free compilation CD of performances from Bath and Knebworth Festivals, including Beefheart and Zappa tracks.


  1. Hi there, how do I buy the Todd Rundgren set you are talking about?

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