Freddy Bannister’s Festivals Box Set

A huge box full of Beefheart and Zappa memorabilia, CDs and DVDs from Freddy Bannister who promoted many of their 1970s tours and festivals in the UK.

A similar box set has been available before but this one has been packed with even more bits and pieces. It’s a signed limited edition of 100 copies.

The set includes:

  • the book ‘There Must Be A Better Way’ – Freddie Bannister’s autobiography
  • three full size posters of Knebworth Festivals
  • facsimile of the Beefheart 1972 tour programme
  • facsimile of the programme for the 1970 Bath Festival
  • facsimile of the programme for the 1975 Knebworth Festival
  • ‘The Spirit of Knebworth’ DVD
  • two t-shirts with designs of Knebworth posters
  • Beefheart ‘The Lost Broadcasts’ DVD
  • Beefheart DVD -‘Rome Goes Pop’ documentary, Cannes Beach 1968, Beat Club 1972, Whistle Test 1973
  • nine Beefheart CDs of eight live concerts
  • Zappa ‘Stockholm 1973’ DVD
  • eleven Zappa CDs of seven live concerts
  • eight photos of Beefheart from 1973 and 1980
  • six photos of Zappa
  • five photos of Knebworth Festival crowd

If you’re interested in a copy please contact Wendy Bannister –

Similar collections are available for other artists which can only be purchased from the Rock Music Memorabilia website.



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