Long Neck Bottles …

The Pittsburgh micro-brewery, East End Brewing Company, have recently produced a new beer called Blabber & Smoke. It’s a Rauchbier type lager. If it tastes as good as the label looks then you’re in for treat –

If anyone gets to try some please let us know what it tastes like.
It’s not the first brew to be inspired by Beefheart. I know of two others – the bottled beer Old Fart and the draught China Pig.
Do you know of any others?



  1. No doubt brewed from a Troutmash!

  2. Thanks for posting the label. I’m flattered to have the art appear on Radar Station.

    East End’s beers are terrific, and they have great taste in music as well.

  3. Yeah, what he said. Thanks for the shout out!

    Thanks Wayno – we are THRILLED to have such like-minded artistic talent here to capture the true feel of the Captain’s work. Hope our beer does it justice!

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