Captain Beefheart Beer


If you’re in Portland, Oregon on Thursday 17 January take a trip out to Belmont Station “Portland’s Premier Beer Store and Bier Cafe”.

In one of their regular beer tasting evenings you’ll be able to sample a Captain Beefheart Beer. Here’s how they describe it:

Captain Beefheart is a collaborative brew between Jason McAdam of Burnside Brewing and Alex Ganum of Upright, both of whom can be described as meat enthusiasts. In their own words:
“The idea behind Captain Beefheart was to create a complex beverage with savory flavors rooted in the kitchen. We started with a malty copper colored base and added Turkish bay leaf, long pepper, and sixty pounds of charred beef hearts to the kettle boil. Rounding it all out was a fermentation carried out by a soft finishing Scottish ale yeast. The beer drinks with pleasant aromatics from the spices and has a light minerality accentuated by the pound of salt also thrown in the kettle. 5.85% ABV”

Sounds like it’s as eccentric and challenging as the man himself!

Find out more on the Belmont Station website

Belmont Station is located at 4500 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97215

Thanks to Andy Bean for spotting this one.


  1. Not one for hte vegetarians then? Hope to see YOU in Bristol 4th March.

  2. Met Rockette Morton last year after the Preston gig and had a long chat with him while we sat on his Bass Flight case.He tells me he now lives in Oregon. He will be able to sample some of the beer(it sounds pretty dreadful to be honest)…..

    1. At the Continental, was a great gig. Small and intimate. I met most of the band that night great bunch.

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