Janet The Planet’s Magic Band reunion photographs

Many thanks indeed to Janet for taking her photos of the 2003 Magic Band’s Camber Sands show, and to her huband Denny Walley for sending them along. Here’s Denny’s message:

I had my wife Janet “The Planet” take these shots. I spoke with John French this morning, and he said that you might like some of them, so here you go!

It was great to meet some of the Fireparty Folks, and especially to PLAY for them. The acceptance of TMB by such a diversified audience, was overwhelming to us. We LOVED it! Dons music is too important for it not to be played and have more people be made aware of it’s powerful imagery and beauty.

Love Over Mold
Denny “Feelers Rebo” Walley

The Black & White photo of John and Gary was taken by me, and I like to call it “Spy versus Spy”.










  1. To you lucky bastards in LA get your asses to the troubadour or risk my rath!!!

  2. Hi Janet, Terry Walker here. 1st person in my state that had a Beefheart album. Had it to mailed to me 1967.

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