Hot Head: Introducing Captain Beefheart The Liberty and Virgin Recordings discography

Track list

  1. Safe As Milk
  2. Upon The My-O-My
  3. Son of Mirror Man – Mere Man
  4. Party Of Special Things To Do
  5. The Floppy Boot Stomp
  6. Tropical Hot Dog Night
  7. Hot Head
  8. This Is The Day
  9. You Know You’re A Man
  10. Ice Cream For Crow
  11. Pompadour Swamp
  12. Suction Prints
  13. Semi Multicolored Caucasian
  14. Gimme Dat Harp Boy
  15. Making Love To A Vampire With A Monkey on My Knee
  16. Sheriff Of Hong Kong
  17. The Witch Doctor Life

Tracks 1, 3, 14: Strictly Personal (1968)
Tracks 2, 8: Unconditionally Guaranteed (1974)
Tracks 4, 11: Blue Jeans & Moonbeams (1974)
Tracks 5, 6, 9, 12: Shiny Beast (1979)
Tracks 7, 15, 16: Doc At The Radar Station (1980)
Tracks 10, 13, 17: Ice Cream For Crow (1982)

Album overview from Steve Froy

It was only last year that EMI released The Virgin & Liberty Years compilation and I made the comment then:-

Come on, EMI, wouldn’t your time be better spent releasing some decent remastered and repackaged CD versions of the original albums!

Well, surprise, surprise, they didn’t listen! Instead they’ve gone ahead and ‘repackaged’ that pointless compilation …. why???!!!

There are eight tracks common to both; this one has 17 tracks instead of 16. Whereas the first compilation was arranged chronologically this has been ‘programmed’ with no apparent regard for any musical flow … what is the point?

There is a four page history written by , the compiler of the CD, who manages to get most of the facts correct.


  • 2003 CD on EMI INTROCD3

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