Frank Freeman’s Dance Club and other rarities


Song List

Side 1

  1. Rollin and Tumblin
  2. Well well well,
  3. Electricity
  4. Neon meat dreams of a octafish

Side 2

  1. Kandy Korn
  2. Sure enuff yes I do
  3. Moody Liz
  4. Yer gonna need somebody on your bond


From Ozit’s publicity blurb:

Deluxe 180 Gram vinyl LP on purple wax with gatefold sleeve. One of the highlights of Captain Beefheart’s 1968 tour of the UK was the concert at Frank Freeman’s Dance Club in Kidderminster. Fortunately legendary DJ John Peel brought his tape recorder and recorded four brilliant numbers from the show which appear on this album along with four other tracks from that era. Pride of place on the front cover of the LP goes to one of the recently discovered 1968 screen printed posters for the Frank Freeman’s Beefheart show. With Beefheart coming from a country where band names like Quicksilver Messenger Service and Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen were de rigeur, when Peel told Captain Beefheart he was driving him to a concert venue in Kidderminster called Frank Freeman’s Dance Club , Beefheart said “What a groovy name” thinking it was in the same hippy west coast vibe as the aforementioned bands. Peel explained it wasn’t a groovy name but simply a Dance Club run by Frank Freeman.


Released as part of Record Store Day 2013 here we have Ozit again peddling their sub-standard wares.

The existence of some live 1968 Beefheart is a truly magical thing but Ozit can’t just leave it at that. They have to fiddle about with stuff … and never for the better. Here they have added four additional tracks for no good reason although two of them are, at least, from the same time frame – Sure Nuff ‘n’ Yes I Do and Moody Liz – the other two are not.

The ‘recently discovered poster’ claim is a load of baloney.

At least Don’s quote about Frank Freeman’s venue is true.

Even being a limited edition of 1000 on 180g purple vinyl doesn’t make this worth buying … it will only encourage them!

Oh, almost forgot … and it’s ‘Neon Meate Dream Of A Octafish’ – there’s an ‘e’ added to Meate and it’s only a singular dream!


  • 2013 vinyl Dandelion OzitDanLP8013

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