Hmmm… is this the very best surviving clip of Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band? I think it could be: Recorded on 15 January 1971 at WABX Studio, directed by Chuck Reti. Available on the enhanced disc of Grow Fins. Track list When Big Joan Sets Up Woe Is Uh Me Bop Bellerin’ Plain Line up Don Van Vliet Bill Harkleroad Mark Boston Elliot Ingber Art Tripp John FrenchRead More →

Live in London 1974 cover

Track list Mirror Man Upon The Me Oh My Full Moon Hot Sun Sugar Bowl Crazy Little Thing This Is The Day New Electric Ride Abba Zabba Peaches Album overview by Graham Johnston Forget it. The world does not need a live album with the Tragic Band. If you’re a completist buying this because you feel you have to, you’ll probably find a couple of pleasing moments, particularly during “Mirror Man”. I suppose we should also be grateful that it doesn’t contain the horrible “Sweet Georgia Brown” that was performed around this time. Other than these saving graces, this is thoroughly worthless. I actually really likeRead More →