One day, every moment of existence will be available for endless re-examination on Deja-VD. The Past will enjoy a renewed period of exponential growth. The present will simply disappear, consumed by living memory boiled in esprit d’escaliers. In the future, when nothing will happen once and for all, quality control will become impossible. In the meantime, we can amuse ourselves with barrel-scraping exhumations of every event ever exposed to magnetic tape. This latest addition to the ever expanding Beefheart archive collects ‘field recordings’ made between 1972 and 1980, from seven English performances by different formulations of The Magic Band. The sound quality is variable inRead More →

Magnetic Hands cover

Track list Click Clack Old Black Snake Grow Fins Peon Golden Birdies Electricity Sugar Mama Orange Claw Hammer Gimme Dat Harp Beatle Bones ‘n’ Smokin Stones Dali’s Car Flavor Bud Living Nowadays A Woman’s Gotta Hit A Man Abba Zaba Hothead Safe As Milk Dropout Boogie Kandy Korn Tracks 1 – 3: Bickershaw Festival, 7 May 1972 Tracks 4 – 5: Free Trade Hall, Manchester, 1 April 1972 Tracks 6 – 7: Leicester University, 1 May 1973 Tracks 8 – 9: Knebworth Festival, 5 July 1975 Tracks 10 – 11: Guildhall, Portsmouth, 1 December 1975 Track 12: The Venue, London, 12 November 1980 Tracks 13Read More →

Vinyl version Track list Side one Click Clack Old Black Snake Dali’s Car Nowadays a Womans Gotta Hit a Man Drop Out Boogie Kandy Korn Tracks 1 – 2: Bickershaw Festival 7 May 1972 Tracks 3: Guildhall, Portsmouth 1 December 1975 Tracks 4 – 6: Rotters, Liverpool 29 October 1980 Side two Abba Zabba Electricity Little Golden Birdies A Carrot is as Close as a Rabbit gets to a Diamond Veteran’s Day Poppy Big Eyed Beans From Venus Tracks 1 – 2: The Bottom Line, NYC 25 November 1977 (early show) Tracks 3: The Bottom Line, NYC 25 November 1977 (late show) Tracks 4: TheRead More →