Brief Magic in July

The Magic Band have booked two dates for a very short tour during Summer 2016.

That’s all, folks, unfortunately!

However, they might be back in the UK at the end of the year

The Magic Band, Preston Continental Club

Photo by John Bentley




  1. My favourite band playing my favourite music…

  2. Just a note to say that I was at Under the Bridge to see the Magic Band last Thursday. I last saw them in the 1972 and 1973 tours although I have been buying Beeheart vinyl and CDs since I was at Secondary School.

    I thought the bank were fantastic. John French has put together something really special (it was only on this website I found out why Mark Boston was absent). My wife is not really a fan so my 21 year old daughter who is paid us a flying visit to be there.

    As I said to John when I met him at the interval, the band was virtually note perfect. He signed my TMR CD and I bought the two new DVDs. I’ve only seen one – my daughter took the other (signed) back home with her but mine is excellent (John suggested it as it contains various interviews). If anything, the second half was even better with particularly memorable renditions of Click Clack, Electricity, Sure ‘Nuff and so on.

    Can’t wait for the return. Oh, and John French is one of the nicest (and most accomplished) musicians I have ever met.

    Hell I almost felt young again.

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