Beefheart on film soundtracks

Some Captain Beefheart songs have made there way onto the big screen.

Blue Collar

Jack Nitzsche score featuring Don’s vocals on “Hard Workin’ Man”.

Released: 1978
A gritty crime drama directed by Paul Schrader based around workers on the Detroit assembly lines.

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The Big Lebowski

Contains “Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles”

Released: 1998
The excellent crime comedy from the Coen Brothers




Remember A Day

Contains “Zig Zag Wanderer” and “Low Yo Yo Stuff”

Released: 2003
Obsessed fan/stalker movie starring Darryl Read as a reclusive ex-rock star. Loosely (and sometimes very closely) based on  the life of Syd Barrett.

As far as we know there has not been a soundtrack album released.



Things We Lost in the Fire

Contains “Clear Spot”

Released: 2007
A drama starring Halle Berry and David Duchovny. After her husband’s death, a widow invites a friend of his to live with her and her children. She helps him kick his addiction while he helps the family cope with their loss.

No soundtrack album has been released.



How to Be

Contains “Clear Spot”

Released: 2008
An independent comedy-drama film written and directed by Oliver Irving. It is about a young musician named Art, played by Robert Pattinson, who is going through a quarter-life crisis.



Contact High

Contains “Special Party Of Things To Do” and “Further Than We’ve Gone”

Released: 2010
A German psychedelic road movie comedy

No soundtrack album has been released.





Contains two versions of “Sure Nuff ‘N’ Yes I Do”  – one by The Bootleggers (featuring Mark Lanegan) and the other by Ralph Stanley.

Released: 2012
Prohibition-era gangster film with screenplay by Nick Cave.

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