Beat Club ’72 – more footage!

One of the great pieces of footage showing the band at full throttle is their performance of I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby on the German TV music programme Beat Club back in 1972.

Then in 2012 The Lost Broadcasts DVD revealed footage form the complete studio session – a couple more run throughs of Booglarize plus versions of Click Clack (twice), Golden Birdies, Steal Softly Thru Snow and Rockette Morton’s Bass Solo. Amazing picture and sound quality!

Now, the Beat Club YouTube channel has revealed even more footage from that session. Sadly there are no more songs. But what we do have here is the footage from the different cameras which gives a slightly different perspective than the DVD version.

There are four different videos uploaded, ranging in length from a couple of minutes up to 29 minutes.

Ed Marimba seems to be the centre of the camera’s attentions for some reason … presumably because he doesn’t move around too much! But you get to see (and hear if you crank the volume up) Don getting into discussions with the sound guys about a monitor feedbacking through his microphones, trying to put on a hat and worrying about his throat then getting some medicine for it. There’s also the full “Mascara Snake … Mascara Fake … Mascara for God’s Sake” routine complete with Ed trying to show up his trouser Snake. Winged Eel Fingerling gets to noodle on his guitar for bit and there’s generally a bit of pre-session banter.

Follow this link to the Beat Club Beefheart playlist –

Well worth checking out!




  1. Very interesting extra footage from the 14 minutes which came out years ago. I don’t remember having seen the version of Steal Softly Thru Snow before. Any idea what Don was unhappy about in the first take of Boogalarize? Thanks anyway!

    1. Author

      Don was complaining about a monitor feeding back through his microphones. There also seemed to be issue about the way he was holding the two mikes which were taped together.

  2. YouTube took this video down a couple months ago. I almost cried. I have the Lost Broadcasts DVD, but do you know if the multi-camera edit is available anywhere else?

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