Agostinho Rodrigues – ephemera

Here are copies of various documents and photographs relating to Agostinho Rodrigues that I have come across.

Thanks to Ann Hallman and Corey George for sending me various items.

Agostinho Rodrigues – Catalogue

(19Mb pdf – note large size of file) A 31 page catalogue of sculptures and architectural features that Rodrigues was selling at the time. Probably late 1950s early 1960s. Apologies for the quality of some of the images but this is a very rare item.

Agostinho Rodrigues Co – ‘Vidro’ Pamphlet

(pdf) To quote from the pamphlet “Agostinho Rodrigues Co. introduces ‘Vidro’. A new glass product combining extreme strength and durability with beauty and maximum flexibility.”

Independent Press-Telegram (Long Beach, CA) 24 Sept 1967

(pdf) ‘Art Masterpieces From Broken Bottles’. Originally published in the Jan-Mar 1963 issue of ‘Mature Times’. This discusses Rodrigues innovative new technique of using broken glass.

Bostonian Feb 1944 – Bishop into Stone

(pdf) This is the earliest article I have found about Rodrigues. It focuses on a large two tonne sculpture he had recently completed of Bishop Charles Manuel Grace (1881-1960), founder of the United House of Prayer for all People.

LA Times – May 1966

(pdf) ‘Sculptor Leaves Firm To Take Teaching Art Job’. An short but interesting article that gives some background to Rodrigues life

Click on the image to make it larger, the text explains the circumstance of this photograph. I do not know the date of this but the best guess is 1966 as it probably relates to the LA Times article above. (Mayor Sam Yorty was in office 1961 to 1973).

AR with friend, September 1958

AR with his car, 1961, unknown location

AR in his workshop area with large bear sculpture, August 1964

AR’s friend with bear sculpture in situ, October 1965

AR sculpting animals with some friend’s children, May 1964

AR, somewhere in LA, October 1965


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