Agostinho Rodrigues – Sculpture Gallery

Penguin Family

Date: 1937
Size: 33cm high by 22cm wide.

Thanks to Filipe for sharing this with us. As a sign of his friendship Rodrigues gave Filipe’s grandparents a sculpture of a family of penguins … the smaller one representing Filipe’s father who was about 10 years old at the time.


Horse’s Head

Thanks to Judson Kemsley for sending us a photograph of this exquisite sculpture of a horse’s head. It is signed and dated 1953.

Size: 33cm x 18cm x 10cm. Unknown medium.

Agostinho Rodrigues - Horse head 1953

Koi Crap

Date: 1951
Size: 26.5cm x 23cm



Date: 1953



Date: 1952



Date: 1953
Size: 40cm

Thanks to Mark Tamar

‘Egyptian’ Head

Date: 1955

Lamp Base

Date: unknown

Thanks to Kate Joy

Cherubs – ground glass sculpture

Date: probably early to mid-1960s

Thanks to Ann Hallman

The same piece but with back lighting.


  1. I would like to submit to you a picture of one of Tino’s sculptures. I met him in 1987 when he lived on Whidbey Island in the town of Oak Harbor, WA.
    He taught me how to make molds for cold casting with resins. I moved away from Oak Harbor in 1990. When I came back to Oak Harbor for a visit in ’94 he and his lady friend were living in a retirement home and he was then in a wheelchair and had alzhiemers. 1995 I moved back to Oak Harbor I found out he had passed away. I knew him as a wonderful teacher of art and design. We spent hours together and he would show me his porcelain cups and various resin reproductions and molds and their complexities. I have one of his bird paintings and 3 sculptures. I wish I had more. Also his mission statement detailing his thoughts on art and its meanings to man.

    1. Ken. I have “Cat” sculpture. Signed and dated. I’ve been wanting to sell it, but knew nothing about the artist until recently.

  2. I came across a small (7″) sculpture of two penguins in a vintage shop yesterday, signed and dated by him in 1955. It bears the copyright mark but I’m assuming it never went into production. Quite lovely! I’d love to share some photos. I’ve written to his nephew to see if I can learn more. It seems to be made of a composite stone fleck and plaster of some sort, with a transparent stain.

  3. The ape one IS 1952. I can send you a picture of it if you need.

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