Agostinho Rodrigues – Sculpture Gallery

Penguin Family

Date: 1937
Size: 33cm high by 22cm wide.

Thanks to Filipe for sharing this with us. As a sign of his friendship Rodrigues gave Filipe’s grandparents a sculpture of a family of penguins … the smaller one representing Filipe’s father who was about 10 years old at the time.


Horse’s Head

Thanks to Judson Kemsley for sending us a photograph of this exquisite sculpture of a horse’s head. It is signed and dated 1953.

Size: 33cm x 18cm x 10cm. Unknown medium.

Agostinho Rodrigues - Horse head 1953

Koi Crap

Date: 1951
Size: 26.5cm x 23cm



Date: 1953



Date: unknown (possibly 1952)



Date: 1953
Size: 40cm

Thanks to Mark Tamar

‘Egyptian’ Head

Date: 1955

Lamp Base

Date: unknown

Thanks to Kate Joy

Cherubs – ground glass sculpture

Date: probably early to mid-1960s

Thanks to Ann Hallman

The same piece but with back lighting.

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