Out Here Over There


Song List

  1. Yellow Brick Road
  2. Abba Zaba
  3. Sure Nuff ‘n’ Yes I Do
  4. Electricity
  5. Beatle Bones ‘n’ Smokin’ Stones
  6. Safe As Milk
  7. Kandy Korn
  8. Trust Us
  9. Electricity
  10. Sure Nuff ‘n’ Yes I Do
  11. Rollin’ ‘n’ Tumblin’
  12. Tarotplane
  13. Kandy Korn
  14. Sun Zoom Spark

Tracks 1 – 4: Top Gear BBC Jan 24 1968

Tracks 5 – 8: Top Gear BBC May 6 1968

Tracks 9 – 10: Cannes Film Festival France Jan 27 1968

Tracks 11 – 13: Kidderminster UK May 12 1968

Tracks 14: Amorgies France October 1969

Radar Station Overview

This bootleg gathers together almost all the known live material available from the classic 67/68 Magic Band line-up but spoils it all by adding a 1970 Reprise out-take and claiming it’s from the Amourgies Festival.

The sound quality of the BBC Top Gear material is good but not brilliant. It is definitely the best to have appeared so far. This release gains extra kudos by including the ultra rare version of Electricity from the first Top Gear session and the complete 7 minute version of Trust Us (which on one of the two transmissions was cut after 4 minutes).

The booklet has a great picture of Don from the 1973 tour on the front and one of Clear Spot vintage – with the lampshade hat – on the back. The inside includes an unknown, probably UK, magazine article from 1968 with a great photo of the band …


The back cover has screen captures of Don from the Cannes Beach footage.

The content has been partially superseded by the inclusion of the Kidderminster and Cannes tracks on the Grow Fins release. But it’s nice to have all the 1968 recordings together on one disc.

Overall, this is well worth tracking down.


  • 1998 US(?) CD Head Records

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