Zig Zag Wanderer lyrics

Originally appeared on Safe As Milk

Zig zag wanderer, zig zag wanderer (rep.)
You can huff, you can puff
You’ll never blow my house down
You can zig, you can zag
Ole house gonna stay, gonna stay around (rep.)

You can jump, you can holler
Never lose what ah found
Heaven’s free, ‘cept for a dollar
You can zig, you can zag
Ole house gonna stay, gonna stay around (rep.)

The zig zag wanderer had a zig zag child
Zig zag traveller fathered mercy mild
Found his Queen in Nature’s scene
Quenched his thirst where he’d never been
Zig zag wanderer (rep.)

You can dance, you can prance
These ole timbers got strong beams
Hide my shield, put away my lance
Zig zag child, mercy mild
Zig zag dreams, zig zag dreams
Zig zag


Kindly transcribed and sent along by Scot Beidelman, with amendments from Herb Bermann’s original lyric sheet

See the Zig Zag Wanderer song notes.

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