White Stripes perform Beefheart yet again

Nigel Godrich, producer of Radiohead, Travis and Beck, among others, has become nostalgic for music videos as he remembers them. Curiously enough, his memory of music videos doesn’t seem to include the idea that music videos were always given away for free.

So it is that if you would like to watch Nigel’s latest wheeze, From The Basement¬†[now removed], an internet only music video source, you’ll have to pay for it. National Public Radio carries a story about this project.

In From The Basement #1, Thom Yorke previews the new Radiohead album, The White Stripes perform Party Of Special Things To Do one more time, and there’s an improvised collaboration between Four Tet’s Kieran Hebden and drummer Steve Reid. Filming is by director Sophie Muller.

An earlier recording of The White Stripes performing Party Of Special Things To Do has still not been removed from YouTube:

[youtube video_id=”m_nnrp9z5Jk”]

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