Is this the earliest surviving Captain Beefheart poster?

The hand-painted graphic work on poster paper (12″x18″) was made to advertise a Captain Beefheart concert at San Fernando Valley State College in May 1965. Victor Hayden, the artist responsible, was later to join The Magic Band as The Mascara Snake.

Pamela Des Barres says that she removed the poster from the wall of Cleveland High School and has recently found it in her attic. It is now for sale at eBay.


  1. Lloydie says:

    Wish someone had organised to buy the Trout house when it was for sale. Then all this stuff could be put in a Beefheart museum. The stuff I’ve seen on Ebay that shoulda been saved. I felt really sad when I saw no-one bid on the Rolling Stone cover some months back. It’s good that Miss Pamela realises how good the old poster is. I hope it sells for heaps

  2. PaulSempschi says:

    Yeah someone should set up a Don museum, Hell I’d even settle for an exhibit in that shitty R&R hall of fame in wretched Cleveland. Of course would Don settle for that? Probably not- does some Art Museum wanna pick up a permenent DVV exhibit where all that memrobilia can also go?

  3. John Kaminski says:

    Yes! I believe this is the earliest surviving Beefheart poster. The only two known owners of this poster is Miss Pamela (and now after the auction) myself. She had two. Yes, that right, I won. Well worth the price! Where was everyone?
    John Kaminski

  4. Jack Briggs says:

    Hi John,
    If I am not mistaken, you are the gent who purchased “Japan In The Dishpan” from eBay did you not? I would kill to have that hanging on my wall, I imagine that it gets pride of place in your house!

  5. John Kaminski says:

    Hi Jack! Yes, you are correct. I am the one who purchased “Japan in a Dishpan”. Thanks for noticing! You can see it on my MySpace page as well. Here is ther link:
    I plan on taking care of the poster and will have it displayed well for everyone to see. Thanks!
    John K.

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