Don and Vic Mortensen

Here’s a snapshot of another old Captain Beefheart photograph from Miss Pamela’s collection. The original was taken by Pamela des Barres herself in 1965.

Pamela was unsure of the name of the other band member pictured here but the esteemed authorities at The Fire Party write that this is almost certainly drummer Vic Mortensen who played with The Magic Band in that year. Vic may also have been the (uncredited) writer of Call On Me.

Pamela is offered prints of this photograph from a limited edition she produced for sale at eBay.


  1. great photo. wonder what happened to him. heard he was drafted but…..

    1. Vic was married to my sister-in-law, April Blecha. He was drafted and lives in Albuquerque. They had a son together.

  2. that him on drums at the teenage fair 65.

    1. According to my husband, Vic served honorably in Vietnam and continued to play drums in local bands here in Albuquerque.

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