Welcome to your Captain Beefheart weblog

At last, beefheart.com shuffles nervously into the 21st Century with it’s own interactive Beefheart weblog.

This weblog will be regularly updated with any news or trivia with so much as a whiff of Beefheart about it. New releases, exhibitions, television programmes, reviews, magazine articles, name-drops, new covers, influences, photographs, anything connected with the good Captain and his still-splendid Magic Band.

All visitors are able to comment publicly on any of the items in the Beefheart blog, so if you feel you have something to say, please do so.


  1. It’s taken me a little while longer than expected but the blog is now available to all and I’ve improved the top navigation on all the pages as well.

    Unfortunately I’ve managed to break some of the pages on the site in the process, if you spot anything odd looking please bear with me for a while, I’ll get this sorted tomorrow.

  2. Hi Graham, Steve n Derek
    Great idea guys! I’ve only just discovered the blog cos I’ve been busy transfering data from my old comp to a new one.

  3. Is there an RSS feed for this blog yet? If not, would you create one, please?

  4. Alfred asked about an RSS feed for this blog – I am working on this at the moment but haven’t got it quite right. The feed isn’t linking back to the actual story properly and doesn’t contain all the text of the piece, only part.

    It may take me a little while to get this right but it is on its way.

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